Travel Company Policies

It is the hirer’s responsibility to read Kennedy’s Travel Company Policies and check that all the details on the booking form are correct, and sign to confirm.

The balance to collect amount must be paid to the driver during the outward journey.

It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all members of their party conduct themselves in a proper manner whilst on the minibus, which includes the following:

  1. No Smoking on the minibus
  2. No Eating/Drinking on the minibus
  3. No standing or leaning out of windows whilst in motion
  4. You are advised to use seatbelts whilst the vehicle is in motion

Any damage caused to the minibus will be invoiced to the hirer-plus if anyone is SICK on the minibus then a £40 valeting fee will be charged and MUST BE PAID ON THE NIGHT (sick bags are carried on the bus and the driver will stop if it is safe to do so!)

Additional drop-offs will be charged for at the driver’s discretion.

If the driver has to wait after the agreed pick up time, then waiting time may be charged (at the driver’s discretion).